"There is no jail worse than the jail that is my guilt."
--Hommer Simpson

Hommer from Hommer Simpson

Hommer Simpson is the dad of the Simpson family, and is the main character of the Hommer Simpson series made by Hutz. Hommer is a good boy, he works at the Power plant and loves his family so much.

In Hommer Simpson, Hommer gets fired from the Power plant by Mr Burns for wearing a pink shirt, and queries bart about how he got bad grades at school today. Later he goes to Mo's and thinks about his friends Lenny and Carl. When returning home after hearing about an issue at the Nuclear plant with Mr Burns as his boss, Hommer discovers that his daughter Maggie is dead of slept.

Hommer Simpson 2 sees Hommer tormented by ManMole. He mutilates himself in the bathroom and then tries to confess to Chief Wickham about his murder of Maggie, only to find that Wickham is actually ManMole.


Hommer will not be stopped


Hommer at his trial

By the time of Hommer Simpson 3, we see that Hommer is on trial for the murder of a child Simpson, and also that Apu is dead. Hommer is sentenced to jail, but ManMole breaks him out by unlocking the door. Hommer returns home to find the Old Simpson in his house. He meets Patty's new boyfriend Grug, and sees a commercial with Troy McLarry which first advertises Doif to Hommer. Big mistake...

At Lissa Simpson's birthday, seen in Hommer Simpson 4, Hommer explains not only about puberty (via Stewart Little) but also about the Homm Grumm, a Simpsons initiation process that has been passed down through every generation of Simpson. During Bart and Lissa's Homm Grumm, Hommer needs to go to the bathroom, but discovers a hole in the urinal that was apparently made by Hutz. He puts his finger inside it and becomes 3D, then finds another hole and sees all the people who have died due to his neglect. He sees the mysterious Armin Tamzarian, who claims to be the manifestation of the guilt that surfaced after what he did to Maggie. ManMole tells Hommer to kill himself for Springfield.


Hommer after going through the hole