The Hutz Hole that Hommer finds in a toilet stall in episode 4 is a reference to the creator of the works, his name is scrawled next to the interdimensional hole. This breaking of the fourth wall implies that the lessons of the Hommer universe are applicable to the creator and by extension, us, something that would be further expounded upon in the live action episodes to come.

Whether Hutz serves as a god, provocateur, conduit to the Hommer universe is unknown. The Hutz hole does lead Hommer to a confrontation with Armin Tamzarian (or Hommer in a Tamzarian state, depending on your reading of the text) could imply that Hutz is trying to lead Hommer through the narrative to a type of salvation (His Spanner martyrdom)

But Hutz' influence appears to be limited, or is at least trying to appear that way.