Laurel Dearing
Laurel is a female in Eddsworld.


Laurel Dearing

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Deny thy father and refuse thy name..

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PowerEdd (In a Flashback.)

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Laurel Dearing

Laurel (Laurel Khutulun Lee Dearing) is a Character in Eddsworld

Also, the real Laurel is a common friend of Edd. She is seen a lot with Edd, especially in Bing tries to be madanonymous but fails.

MovieMakers is Laurel's only appearance. She only gets chosen because she had a pair of shoes that Shoe likes. In MovieMakers, Laurel also seems to have feelings for Edd.

Later in the episode, she is thrilled to watch the movie with Edd, Tom and Matt, saying they make a great team, until she is killed by Shoe and dragged away for him to make love to her shoes She later returned with a cameo in the episode PowerEdd as a child in Edd's flashback.


  • Tom stated in a vokle that she was going to be a main character, but when he pitched that idea to Edd, Edd said something along the lines of ("Oh boy, a girl. We could do an episode where everyone falls in love with her"), but once Tom knew that was Edd's plan for that, he edited the script and killed her off.
  • She was also planned to replace Tord [after he left the show], but it didn't happen by a unknown reason.
  • It's unknown if she's going to return. Some people doubt if She is inconsious
  • She was william's sister until they found out she was not yellow.