"I'll give you one last chance. The only way out is death. Drink the death."


ManMole is the enigmatic figure who runs Springfield's purse mart. Throughout the Hommer Simpson series he appears to be a manifestation of Hommer's guilt at killing Maggie, but also seems willing to aid Hommer as he wrestles with his guilty conscience.

ManMole first appears in Hommer Simpson 2 at the Purse Mart; Bart is buying his first purse but breaks down in joyful tears. ManMole regards this as why his purse job is the best work of all. Later on, however, a guilt-ridden Hommer mutilates himself in the bathroom and then attempts to confess to Chief Wickham about his accidental killing of Maggie, only to discover that Wickham is actually ManMole in disguise.

After Hommer is sentenced to prison for the murder of a child Simpson, ManMole appears outside and orders Hommer to leave his cell, pointing out that he has already unlocked the door. He gives Hommer and his family a new identity and remarks that they will be known as the Thompsons from now on. When a lust-crazed William Van Houten breaks in, he attempts to stab the old Simpson to death but is alarmed to find out that he has instead injured ManMole.

ManMole appears with Armin Tamzarian in Hommer Simpson 4, urging Hommer to kill himself with a wrench in order to save himself and all the people who have died from his neglect.